The Unified DeFi Layer

DeFi Simplified: One Click, Infinite Possibilities.

Gasless. Cheaper.

Bonsai Finance revolutionizes your DeFi journey with a seamless, one-click transaction experience — completely gasless. We leverage the cutting-edge technique of account abstraction to simplify and enhance your financial interactions.

Optimized for DeFi

With Bonsai, entering the DeFi space is as straightforward as logging in with an email, bolstered by two-factor authentication. Engage effortlessly with a variety of DeFi vaults and investments through a single action.

Feature 01

Automated Transactions

Automate your DeFi investments with Dollar-Cost Averaging, while always retaining asset control.

Feature 02

Web2 login options

Effortlessly set up a wallet via Google, Discord, or GitHub.

Feature 03
The DeFi hub

Bonsai Features

We're crafting innovative features designed to refine and advance the DeFi experience for both novices and seasoned users alike.

The DeFi hub

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